Importing Contacts
Click on "Contacts" then "Import"
Mac Mail - add contacts from your Apple Mac Mail
Microsoft Mail - add contacts from your Vista Microsoft Mail
Outlook Express - add contacts from your Outlook Express contact list
Contact from message - add a contact from an individual email

Firefox Utilities
FireGPG - Email encryption
Email Manager - Email notification (To add your email address: Install, right-click the "M" on the bottom right of the window, then "Preferences")
Google Talk - A lot of cool features (also works with IE)

Misc Tips
Desktop shortcut for email

Mac OS8/9
Certificate issue
Important E-Mail Changes

Please read our note about Important E-mail Changes

Some tips

You only have to type the squiggle-line-word in once, to verify that you are a real person; you'll never see it again.

Labels are like folders, only better. Create labels to separate email into easy-to-manage groups. The best part is an email can have multiple labels. You can have the system automatically label incoming messages, to do this click on "Settings" then "Filters".

When you label messages you will still see them in your Inbox until you archive the message. Just think of the archive button as meaning "remove the 'Inbox' label from a message".

Use the Email Notification Add-on for the Firefox web browser. Download, install, put your and password in and you can instantly check your email when surfing.

Want to change how your name displays?
Go to "Settings --> Accounts --> Edit info" to change your name. (Note: this is to change "Robert Jones" to "Bob Jones", not to change your email address)